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We recognize that the fight for justice goes beyond any single individual or organization. REC was privileged to work within an ecosystem of dedicated youth activists and partner organizations. 

Alumni have a unique opportunity to encourage positive change within colleges and universities. Your donor dollars are absolutely vital to endowment growth and often provide the funds for the operating budget. This gives you particular influence on university policy. The resources below offer a few ways to exercise that influence. You may also visit REC’s public Legacy Resource folder to access alumni-related materials. For more detailed information on the financial case for fossil fuel divestment and responsible reinvestment, check out our financial studies page

The following organizations were identified by Listening Tour interviewees as groups doing work that may overlap with REC’s work. These, and many other organizations, play an important role in bringing people together in the pursuit of social, racial, environmental, and economic justice. 


Action Center for Race & the Economy 

American Friends Service Committee


Climate Justice Alliance


Movement Generation

New Economy Coalition 

Reinvest in Our Power

United for a Fair Economy

U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights

A list of organizations that focus on youth activists is available in our Resources - For Students section.

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