Boston REC Retreat

Greetings RECers!

This November 10th and 11th we'll be hosting a retreat in Boston, MA.  The purpose of this retreat is to train folks who are interested in campaign building.  This is a unique opportunity to better your organizing skills while also making connections with organizers from colleges around the country (not to mention enjoy the fabulous city of Boston!).  We'll begin by developing a shared vision for the weekend, we'll talk some about investing and endowments, do some trainings, and spend a lot of time working on campaign planning.  Of course we'll end with a group debrief to recap what we've learned and what we've taught, and to ensure everyone feels good about the weekend.  Basically, it's gonna be rad.

We're looking for ideally 1-2 representatives to come from each campus.  More reps will be accepted on the basis of capacity, but the maximum total attendance for the retreat is thirty people.  Transportation and housing are not provided, but we urge interested students to talk to their student governments or other campus institutions about funding for this transformative experience.  Some exceptions may apply- shoot us an email if you're in a tight spot.

The form to attend the retreat can be found HERE


photo credit: Werner Kunz via photopin cc

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