Campus Updates, November 2011

It's been a great month for our movement!

Many schools have been taking part in national community investment campaign actions throughout November, including Bank Transfer Day, such as:

  • The University of Chicago, where students proposed community investment and transparency initiatives to the administration that were well-received(!), in addition to planning a teach-in. Check out one of their op-eds here.

  • Washington University in St. Louis, who did a beautiful “Break Up With Bank of America” demonstration and action. (“It’s not me, it’s you!”) . Molly at Wash U also wrote a great piece about the Occupy St Louis March and College Bank Transfer Day.

  • The University of San Francisco, who chalked, flyered campus, and got media attention;

  • Barnard College, where one of our interns, Amandine, tabled and gathered petition signatures for Barnard to move money, while raising awarenessa around credit unions and responsible investment;

  • The University of Pittsburgh, who made big face-cut-out banners of famous folks from Pittsburgh,

  • Hampton University, which had flyers, handouts, and a meeting with the administration about community investment;

  • American University, where there was a teach-in and a meeting with the administration, as well as this great op-ed.

  • Florida A&M University (FAMU) where students are planning a leadership workshop and a “Rethinking Black Money” educational event;

  • Fairfield University, where the students met with their administration;

  • UC San Diego, where students changed their bank accounts on Bank Transfer Day; and

  • Brown University, where students paid a visit to their local credit union.

REC had the pleasure of meeting new folks from Oberlin College, the University of Michigan, Kalamazoo College, Western Michigan University, and Northwestern University during a recent visit to the midwest! In addition, we got a chance to meet and speak with talented students and allies at the University of Chicago and Loyola University Chicago. Thanks to everyone for such an inspiring trip!

REC also took a trip to North Carolina this past month. We swung by Duke University, where on-campus sentiments are on conflict minerals and Occupy Duke, UNC Greensboro, where some stakeholders are considering community investment, and UNC Chapel Hill, where Martin moderated a panel of experts on the economics, politics, and morality behind their coal divestment campaign. We also met students from Guilford College at Occupy Greensboro and are working with them on getting their school to invest money in their community!

REC also visited The New School here in New York City for a teach-in on moving money, the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY, and Harvard University in Cambridge, MA.

Other active campaigns this semester include Middlebury College, who did this beautiful video asking “What’s Middlebury Investing In?”; Swarthmore College, where students sent an open letter to the investment office and Board of Managers about endowment transparency; Arizona State Univeristy, where students made a Freedom of Information Act request about the school’s investments to raise the issue of endowment transparency on campus; the University of Southern California; Wesleyan University, and more. Alums: email to find out more about what’s going on at your alma mater!

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