Climate Change


Fossil Fuel Divest-Invest 

The Campus Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign calls on universities to confront this destructive industry by cutting financial ties with the top 200 dirty energy companies and investing in a just transition to a habitable future powered by democratically controlled renewable energy. To date, over 3.4 trillion in assets world wide are now fossil free.


The Divest for Democracy, Invest for a Just Transition initiative connects the power of the fossil fuel divestment movement with those campaigns calling on the U.S. government to end the fossil fuel era and accelerate a just transition to the clean, renewable energy economy.

Investor Action on Climate 

In September 2015, REC, SEIU Capital Stewardship Program, and the Croatan Institute published “Action on Climate: A Guide for Fiduciaries,” a resource for fiduciaries at small and mid-sized institutional funds ($300 million - $3 billion in assets) for responding to the growing risk of climate change. In the second phase of this project, the Intentional Endowments Network and REC are leading a cohort of seven trustees in applying the recommended governance-based process for considering climate change-based changes to their investment policies and portfolios.


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