Endowment Justice Alumni Network



The alumni program was established to build support for REC campaigns (fossil fuel divestment, prison divestment, reinvestment, etc.) by bringing alumni and community power to bear on campus struggles. The idea is to help student campaigns in base-building and creating a stronger network outside of campuses to support endowment justice in universities. The program works with alumni and community members by providing them with ongoing organizing education and skill development.


The REC Alumni & Community Outreach program believes in broadening the scope of youth and student divestment movements, which have often stayed within the confines of the campus. Endowment campaigns must reflect the interests of communities beyond the student body because youth-led campaigns have far-reaching implications for society at large. Intergenerational organizing is a way to sustain lessons learned over time between older and current generations to ensure that today’s movements are constantly improving.  By organizing alumni and community members to work alongside youth and students on endowment justice campaigns, we are building stronger, people powered movements for a just and sustainable economy and society.


The Alumni & Community Outreach Program was officially launched in October 2015. The program was established to amplify the demands of student campaigns by coordinating alumni to get involved in endowment justice campaigns at their alma maters.

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