Green America Publishes New Community Investing Guide

Our ally Green America just published a guide for individuals to make community investments.

As families and communities continue to struggle economically across the country, and mega-banks devise new ways to squeeze money from their smallest customers, Green America is pleased to provide a new resource on banking and investing options that strengthen marginalized communities. Green America has worked for many years to highlight community investing and banking opportunities that give low and moderate income communities access to responsible financial services, capital, and financial planning support.

The new Community Investing Guide provides inspirational examples of how community investing works to support initiatives such as homeownership under responsible terms, green business, renewable energy, fresh grocers in the inner city, and economic uplift in countries around the world. The Guide includes resources and contact information for finding banks, credit unions, loan funds, mutual funds, and other vehicles that promote community development. Now more than ever, community investing and sustainable, just banking are needed to get our nation on an economic track that supports populations hardest hit by the economic crisis and that is driven by a desire for broad prosperity, not driven by greed.

Download the Guide Here!

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