Guilford Divestment Coalition Launches New Fund

The Guilfordians for Justice Coalition, which is a coalition of community members that includes students, alumni, faculty, and staff, concerned with the college’s financial investments through its endowment, are excited to announce the release of The Fund for a Responsible Guilford.   

Read on for the organization's statement.


"Rooting in our love for Guilford we intend to leverage the Responsible Endowment Fund to help the Board of Trustees and college to work towards divesting funds currently invested in the fossil fuel industry, prison-industrial complex, and the occupation of Palestine, and then reinvesting in a more responsible source. We want to see a Guilford that is aligned with our core values that will set an example as an innovative leader. By embracing the global call for divestment and reinvestment Guilford can model for the world what a mission-driven and justice-oriented institution of higher education looks like. We are rooted in our love for Guilford, the critical thinking skills it has reinforced within us and a strong belief that our liberation must leave no one behind.

We are calling for Guilford College donors to invest in a transformative Guilford, and to do so by donating to this fund instead. By doing so donors are sending a message to Guilford College that we see the importance of where our money goes. If Guilford is responsive and agrees to the divestment and reinvestment plan by May 1st, 2017 the college will receive all the funds collected in the fund, to go towards the endowment. Donors to this fund want Guilford to answer the call to justice, as was instilled in us as students, staff and faculty of this institution. However, if the school does not respond to the terms of the fund we are prepared to move the donations in this fund to support the work of student and community organizers working for racial and economic justice and helping to continue the campaign for divestment.

The Guilfordians for Justice Coalition is hosting a convening this coming Saturday, in tandem with Guilford College’s Homecoming, as a way to further the collective education as to why we need to divest from the fossil fuel industry, prisons, and the occupation of Palestine.  Experts from all over the country will be joining us to share their knowledge. The convening will be Saturday October 1st, 9-5pm, at New Garden Friends Meeting located at 801 New Garden Rd, Greensboro, NC.

Tax-deductible donations will be made to the Fund for a Responsible Guilford College, a donor advised fund held at the Triskeles Foundation. You can donate to the fund and learn more at:  

Triskeles is a public charity in Pennsylvania. For more information about the Triskeles Foundation please visit:"


Contact: Samir Rohlin Hazboun

Guilfordians for Justice Coalition



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