March Campus Updates

American University
AU Solidarity is pushing the university to move the operating budget and a portion of the endowment into local community development financial institutions. More campaign news available here.

Brown University
Brown Open the Books Coalition is lobbying for increased transparency and accountability from the university administration. More campaign news available here.

Columbia University
The Committee plans to spend the spring voting proxies and working with the Trustees to ensure their approval of the proxy voting guidelines drafted last year. The Committee also hopes to learn more about filing resolutions and continue to engage in corporate dialogue

Dartmouth College                                                                                                                                                      Dartmouth Students for Staff is standing with both organized and unorganized labor for greater accountability regarding recent budget cuts. The students believe the university community should play a role in determining how the cuts are enacted. More campaign news available here.

Drew College
Students on the Socially Responsible Investment Committee are currently evaluating whether the school will sign on to the UN Principles of Responsible Investment, and whether or not to pursue a Revolving Green Fund. In addition, they hope to begin researching community investment this spring.are currently evaluating whether the school will sign on to the UN Principles of Responsible Investment, and whether or not to pursue a Revolving Green Fund. In addition, they hope to begin researching community investment this spring.

Grinnell College
Grinell Students for Responsible Investing are going to continue to research proxies and encourage the Trustees to vote on them, especially those proxies related to gender identity and sexuality.

Haverford College
The Committee is co-hosting a REC Roundtable on Shareholder Advocacy on March 18th from 4-6pm, followed by an SRI networking hour. In addition the Committee continues to express interest in filing a resolution.

Loyola University Chicago
Loyola’s Shareholder Advisory Committee lead-filed a resolution on mountaintop removal financing at JP Morgan Chase. The committee is actively looking for other investors who would like to join the dialogue Chase has now opened with the shareholders on this issue. If you’re interested please contact Elaine Lehman at

Macalester College
A broad coalition of student groups continues to push for a more comprehensive responsible investment policy.

Seattle University
Students recently succeeded in convincing the university to move a chunk of money into local community investment. More information is available here.

Ohio State University
Student senators are preparing a resolution to require the university to consider social responsibility as part of its investment criteria and to maintain a process for enforcing the criteria.

SUNY Albany
Students are interested in pursuing a divestment campaign and have just begun researching their options.

SUNY Stony Brook
Students are renewing their divestment campaign from war profiteers with an educational event with REC staff.

UCLA/The UC system Students across the UCs are joining together to push the administration to adopt proxy voting guidelines that reflect university mission and policy. Read more campaign news here.

University of Chicago Students for a Democratic Society are drafting their proposal for a CIR. They’re particularly concerned about their school’s ties to HEI. Read more campaign news at their website.

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Net Impact graduate and undergraduate students continue to work with the administration toward setting up a committee on responsible investing. We are currently meeting with the administration to discuss o proxy voting guidelines and with student government to secure that body’s support for the effort.

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Jul 10, 2017
"Historic new research from CDP, voted no. 1 climate change research provider by institutional investors, in collaboration with the Climate Accountability Institute, today reveals that 71% of all global GHG emissions since 1988 can be traced to just 100 fossil fuel producers. This group is the source of 635 billion tonnes...
Mar 23, 2017
Congratulations to the activists at York University! "The York University Advisory Committee on Responsible Investment (YUACRI) has voted to recommend the University's divestment from arms manufacturers and fossil fuels. YUACRI was established in 2012 to integrate environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) considerations into investment management processes and ownership practices...
Mar 15, 2017
"Columbia University, New York, will divest certain coal industry investments in support of addressing climate change, Lee Bollinger, the university president, said in a message posted on the university’s website. University trustees have agreed to divest from companies deriving more than 35% of their revenue from thermal coal production, he...