Photo Round-up: Endowment Week of Action

April 1-5 was our first Endowment Week of Action. We're taking action every day, during our Week of Action campuses across the country decided to up the ante!

As youth we've created a mass movement of young people demanding control of capital - and our own future. Check out highlights below:

University of Washington | Move Our Money

University of Washington student Monica Mendoza Castrejon created this image for the Move Our Money campaign. Click here for more artwork from Monica.

some_textUC Berkeley | Move Our Money

A multicultural group of 70 student organizers reenacted a prison chain gang, tying themselves together by the ankle and marching onto UC Berkeley's Sproul Plaza to demand that the university divest from the Prison Industrial Complex. As a result of the pressure from the action, as well as a massive multicultural community presence at the student senate meeting, UC Berkeley's student senate voted to divest all of their funds from the Prison Industrial Complex, and to demand that the University do the same.

Check out video of the action below:

Oberlin | Move Our Money

Oberlin’s Responsible Investing Organization (RIO) tabled at the main library, as part of RIO’s base-building Break Up With Your Bank project. RIO is encouraging students to transfer their balances to local credit unions.

some_textUniversity of Oregon | Move our Money

Students from the University of Oregon's MEChA chapter supported the Move our Money campaign by approaching local credit unions and calling for Spanish-speaking staff in an effort to improve accessibility to the local Latino community.

some_textUniversity of Pennsylvania | Move our Money

Students did outreach at the Social Justice Mixer, in preparation for their April 30 meeting with Penn’s Executive Vice President.

some_textMcGill University | Fossil Free Divestment & Reinvestment

Students with Divest McGill made a presentation to the Board of Governors.

some_textUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst | Fossil Free Divestment & Reinvestment

Over 200 students came together for a teach in about divestment.

some_textSmith and Mt. Holyoke | Fossil Free Divestment & Reinvestment

Smith students organized a recruitment event for their divestment team and petition drive against the Keyston XL pipeline.

some_textHEI Hotel Workers Rising | Divest

REC participated in a panel discussion about the HEI Hotel Workers Rising campaign.

We also were part of a delegation to HEI headquarters in New Haven, CT! A representative from REC, along with a Yale student, a Unite Here organizer, and 2 HEI workers managed to get speak with Nigel Hurst, Senior VP of HEI.

some_textCarleton College | Active Ownership

A member of Carleton’s Committee on Investor Responsibility (CRIC) penned an op-ed asking, “When you hear the word CRIC what usually comes to mind?”

some_textHarvard | Active Ownership

Responsible Investment at Harvard sent a student delegation to Jane Mendillo, President & CEO of Harvard Management Company.


In other exciting news Harvard students and alumni have independently invested the Fair Harvard Fund. Click here for more info.

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