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REC is a student-founded, student-driven organization that is here to help you run smart and effective campaigns. We’re available to answer questions, provide insight, and guide you through its every stage. Whether you’re just getting started or almost done, we can help. Contact us for support – that’s exactly what we’re here for!

The Responsible Endowments Coalition has been extremely supportive of our group from the very beginning.  As a freshman, I had no organizing experience and, like many other endowment campaign members, felt a bit overwhelmed by the challenges we faced as a growing campaign navigating an opaque administration. However, REC shared with us their resources, talked with us about how to organize effective actions and teach-ins, and worked with us to create a detailed timeline for our campaign. I am thankful for REC and their continuous solidarity, and now feel comfortable when meeting with administrators or explaining endowments to a student audience. - Alexandra Hastings, Barnard College, class of 2016 

Specific ways REC works with students:

  • School Visits: We visit campuses to present about responsible investment, help engage with decision-makers, or support campus groups
  • National Conferences: We host an annual national conference with presentations and workshops led by students and professionals in the movement
  • Training: We help you develop skills necessary to start a group and move forward on responsible investing
  • Action Planning: We help coordinate joint efforts across campuses to build national momentum for our campaigns
  • Proposal Edits: We can help you edit proposals, letters, and other documents to help effectively frame responsible investment issues on campus
  • Networking: We connect students with responsible investment professionals
  • Information: We provide information, technical assistance, and connections to ally organizations and student activist networks
  • Document Templates: We have archives of  template documents based on successful materials at other schools that we can share with you

Responsible Investment Resources


Endowments 101

An overview of what endowments are and their relationship to colleges and universities.  


Divestment 101

Definition of divestment, the goals and consequences associated with divestment, and basic steps to building a divestment campaign.


Shareholder Engagement

Defines shareholder engagement and outlines possible actions you can take as a shareholder to engage in shareholder engagement. 



Fossil Fuel Divestment Resources

For more detailed information on the financial case for fossil fuel divestment and responsible reinvestment, check out our financial studies page


Fossil Fuel Divestment 

Brief summary of fossil fuel divestment (FFD), why one should divest from FF, and goals associated with the movement. Check out FFD webpage for more information.


The Case for Divestment

26 page detailed case arguing for divestment. Great resource to use for footnotes and citations as well as responding to divestment opponents.


Fossil Free Investing

41 page article created with sponsorship from, REC, Sustainable Endowments Institute, and Tellus Institute. Detailed article explaining fossil fuel divestment with reinvestment in mind.




Stop, Drop, and Roll 

Defines reinvestment, how you can make reinvestment one of your campaign's goals, and what kinds of reinvestment exist. 



WORKSHOP: Reinvestment

Detailed worksheet aimed to help you successfully incorporate reinvestment in your campaign.


Reinvestment Resources 


Reinvestment Guide


Community Investment


How To Win Reinvestment [Prezi]


 Campaign Planning Resources 


Strategic Planning Tools (2 pages)

(2 pages) A handout/worksheet that helps you plan out the arc of your campaign, identify your targets and allies, name your goals, etc.


Decision Making Structures

(1 page) Outlines the pros and cons of different types of decision making structures (ex. hierarchy, consensus, etc.) that your campaign can adopt.


Meeting with Administrators


Leveraging Alumni


Working in Coalitions


GROW Strategy Chart


Popular Education Organizing Spiral (Highlander Center)




Collective Liberation Resources 


Equalizing Power


How to Reduce Classism


Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is




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