Take a Bite Out of Big Polluters

We’ve all begun to notice the weather turning colder, holiday music blaring from speakers in every public business, and felt an inexplicable  urge to consume any and all peppermint flavored treats that cross our paths.

Let’s embrace the changing season and incorporate some of the more festive aspects of this time of year into our campaign work.  With that said, this time of year is also incredibly stressful with classes winding down and finals approaching.

Why not spread your message across campus and bring a dose of levity into the lives of fellow students? One tactic you might consider to increase membership, build allies in the faculty and administration, and generate visuals for future media stories is planning a Campaign Cookie Party.

You'll be able to engage new members in the cookie making process and end up with a batch of unique, edible visuals to use when tabling, doing class raps, or petitioning. You might consider making a personal delivery to your allies in the faculty and administration to show appreciation for their support.

Capture photos of the baking process and distribution to have a host of colorful pictures for future events!

Before the Event

  • Make a facebook event promoting your tabling session with the cookies, inviting interested folks to the cookie-making session as well - great way to plug in volunteers!

During the Event

  • Take a picture of people eating the photos and tweet it directly to the company the cookie targets.

  • Sample tweets .@REInvestEarlham Campaign takes a bite out of @ExxonMobil corporate greed! (bitly photo link here) @Earlham1847 @energyaction @endowmentethics #divestnow

  • Other people to tweet this action at: University President, Sustainability/Finance Office if they have accounts, specific individual targets within the administration or board

  • hashtags to use: #divestnow, #powershift, etc.

After the Event

  • Upload your photos to your campaign’s facebook page and tag your friends!

  • Write up a short blog and include all of your photos

  • Share the blog on facebook and twitter with your university, corporate targets, and friends

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