#PrisonDivest Allies Protest Marco Rubio in CT!

Last Thursday, I took the Metro North Train up from New York City to Stamford, Connecticut to protest Florida Senator and Republican 2016 presidential contender Marco Rubio.


The protest, which was organized by a coalition of progressive and immigrant rights groups, took place outside the Stamford Hilton, where Rubio had been invited to speak as "guest of honor" at the Annual Prescott Award Dinner, a conservative fundraiser event.

Among the loud, colorful, and brave people I was able to stand and chant with were members of Connecticut for the Dream, the Connecticut Immigrant Rights Alliance, Connecticut Working Families, and even a crew of United We Dream youth organizers who drove up from Washington, D.C.!

Seeing such a broad coalition, and hearing people's powerful stories on how Rubio's support our punitive, racist and unjust immigration system has torn their lives apart, I was reminded of the importance of the work I do with REC to fight the private prison industry. Rubio has recieved tens of thousands of dollars from the Geo Group, which is based in his home state of Florida, and in return helped them win state contracts worth hundreds of millions.

I do not like to think what will happen if Rubio is our next president, but I know what will continue happening if the private prison industries are allowed to continue making a profit from putting people in cages.

This is why we fight!

-- Ian Trupin (National Organizer, REC)

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