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Recognizing the potential of alumni in promoting and galvanizing positive change within their alma maters, REC started the Alumni Organizing Initiative to formalize support for alumni in university endowment justice campaigns. The goal of this program is to build a strong alumni network that can work alongside student movements in demanding that colleges and universities responsibly invest their endowments. Alumni organizing is meant to expand support for endowment justice beyond campuses, from building alumni networks within and between universities to lending power to ongoing student campaigns.


The alumni team has charted out three main aspects of the initiative: Alumni Resource Development, Alumni Identification & Network Building, and Campus Support.

  1. For Alumni Resource Development, the team is currently doing research, compiling case studies, and collecting best practices for an alumni organizing handbook. The handbook will be a guide for alumni who want to pursue campaigns, as well as an opportunity to share the stories of existing alumni groups and organizers. If you are interested in contributing to the handbook, please feel free to email the alumni team at the address below! You can also check out existing alumni resources here

  2. To facilitate Alumni Identification & Network Building, REC is building out web tools and virtual spaces in which alumni can connect. We are currently developing an interactive "movement map" to visually display endowment justice campaigns around the nation so that alumni and students can connect. We also work to facilitate networking between alumni, students, and community groups. To get in touch, fill out this survey and we will reach out to you. 

  3. Finally, the alumni team provides direct Campus Support to alumni and students. Through hands-on meetings and trainings, we are dedicated to helping endowment justice campaigns see victory. One specific tactic that we developed to engage alumni in student campaigns is the Responsible Endowments Fund (REF), a protest fund created with our friends at the Triskeles Foundation. This donor advised fund is set up by individual campus groups to rally alumni/community support through financial donation and pressure universities to change their endowment practices. Read more about it on our REF website,

The alumni program has an open-door consultation policy. This means that REC welcomes requests for meetings to discuss alumni organizing and strategy. To connect with an alumni organizer, please email [email protected] 


 The Responsible Endowments Fund (REF) is a premier tactic of the REC alumni organizing initiative. Learn more about the REF and how schools are using it to win their campaigns! Click the image below to be redirected to our REF website.


If you are an alumna/alumnus looking to get connected to endowment justice campaigns, please take our survey beow! REC values your input! 


To learn more about our alumni organizing team, click below to read their bios in our alumni initiative launch announcement! 



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