Alumni Support for Divestment & Responsible Investing

From Wednesday, April 1st to Friday, April 3rd, alumni and students are coming together for the National Alumni Escalation to send a collective message to universities: Stand on the side of climate justice and a sustainable future! Divest now! In collaboration with REC, the Fossil Fuel Divestment Student Network,, and the escalating schools, we are calling on all alumni to participate by signing on to this petition. You can also join the Fossil Free Facebook event and take part in our other actions. 

Some of the escalating schools in the National Alumni Escalation and the broader spring fossil fuel divestment escalation are:

Swarthmore College

Bowdoin College

Tulane University

Reed College

University of Colorado Boulder

Harvard University

University of California Berkeley

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Columbia University

Yale University

Stanford University

Colorado College

New York University

Smith College

Barnard College

Middlebury College

Mt. Holyoke College

Brandeis University

... and more!

Membership in our college communities does not expire after four years. Together, we can leverage our alumni power and declare our support for responsible endowments in higher education. Stay in the loop on fossil fuel divestment and endowment justice campaigns at your alma maters. Sign up now!  


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Yes, I support responsible investment and divestment from fossil fuels in higher education!

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