Barnard College Divestment Announcement

"Barnard College’s board of trustees voted to divest from energy companies that deny climate change, putting into question the $286 million endowment’s relationship with its money manager Investure.

The board approved the measure Saturday, saying the college will 'distinguish between companies based on their behavior and willingness to transition to a cleaner economy.' In 2014, Investure lost a client, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, which decided to divest from fossil fuel companies."

Barnard divestment activist and REC board member Helen Cane celebrated the decision and reflects: “I have been involved with divestment movements for 3 years now, and every step of the way I realize more and more how deeply entrenched the fossil fuel industry is with almost every kind of institution, including our own college endowments. The road block to divestment is the desire to make profits in the short-run, but the argument for divestment is that climate inaction will destroy all means of profits in the long-run.” 

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