Campus Updates from Wash U, Stanford, Vassar, and more

REC hosted the fourth annual Effective Committees Workshop for members of responsible investment committees nationwide. Representatives from Haverford College, NYU, Green Mountain College, and fifteen other schools were in attendance.

Committees at Carleton College, Macalester College, and the University of Louisville are exploring the development of their committees as well as different potential strategies for this year and the next.

The Brown University Open the Books Coalition hosted an open panel / forum on the eve of the Board of Trustees’ decision to not reinvest in HEI, which REC attended. Besides the HEI decision, topics discussed included the recent transparency legislation in Massachusetts and the state of the national movement.

Loyola University of New Orleans is in the early planning stages for a responsible investment campaign and proposal, and is working with REC on developing their goals!

Mt. Holyoke College’s responsible investment committee continues to develop and strengthen proposed responsible investment guidelines, while also planning an awareness-raising event for the community.

REC has been in touch with PEAR (Pomona for Environmental Activism and Responsibility) about potentially integrating responsible investment into an environmental campaign at their school.

Stanford University’s chapter of STAND (Students Taking Action Now in Darfur) is hosting a conference in April that will bring both students and company representatives together in order to learn how to take action against the sale of conflict minerals. Following the passage of the first-ever proxy voting guideline specifically concerned with conflict minerals, STAND and attendees will be exploring other responsible investment tools.

At the University of Texas, the Longhorns for Investing Responsibly presented a proposal to the UT Investmnet Management Company to incorporate a responsible investment policy into their mission statement, which received significantly media coverage.

REC visited the University of California at Santa Barbara in March, speaking at a Social Entrepreneurship event and engaging in conversations about potentially bringing a responsible investment committee proposal to the administration before the end of the year.

The Penn Conflict Minerals Campaign at the University of Pennsylvania joined the Responsible Endowments Coalition and is working on taking action.

Vassar College hosted an event about hydraulic fracturing on campus (“fracking”) bringing in representatives of different constituencies. You can read more about the event here.

Students at Wesleyan University are planning a responsible investment event and inviting REC! Contact us for more details.

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