Campus Updates: November 2010

Bard College's Socially Responsible Investment Committee is considering the issue of hydraulic fracturing ('hydrofracking') and how as an investor they might mitigate environmental and social risks involved in the practice.

Students at Fordham University continue to research and explore the potential benefits of community investment and hosted an event to educate the campus community about these opportunities.

At Howard University a campaign is beginning to petition to open up the campus credit union to the broader community, including students, to educate the community about responsible investment models and practices.

Middlebury College’s Sustainability Fund continues to be the focus of responsible investment activists’ attention as they work to ensure its transparency, performance, and credibility as a vehicle for truly sustainable investments.

Princeton for Workers’ Rights, a labor activism group at Princeton University, is planning a responsible investment campaign and is working with REC on the planning stages.

The Advisory Committee on Shareholder Responsibility at Tufts University is preparing a community investment proposal with the help of Students at Tufts for Investment Responsibility (STIR).

At the University of California - Santa Barbara, students spoke with the Board of Trustees about setting up a committee on investment responsibility. The conversation received a warm reception and now both sides are working on next steps.

Student government representatives, campus environmental leaders, and other activists at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill are in the planning and discussion stages of a campaign for endowment transparency.

Students at the University of Oregon are planning a dialogue and campaign with the administration and student body about taking first steps towards a commitment to responsible investment.

A policy recommendation, supported by the student government of the University of Texas at Austin, is being submitted to the state university's system-wide Board of Trustees that would make social responsibility an official consideration in investments.

At Washington University in St. Louis, students are preparing to meet with the administration about the creation of a responsible investment committee.

Students at the Yale University Responsible Endowments Project continue to brainstorm and dialogue with the Advisory Committee on Investment Responsibility and the university administration about ways that all parties can work together towards new responsible investment ideas and models.

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