Campus Updates

American University

AU Solidarity hopes to continue pushing their community investment campaign forward next year and are excited to have brought together new allies to the cause.

Bard College

Student members of the Committee on Socially Responsible Investing are holding a forum to inform the community about their work and invite people to get involved.

DePaul University

A weak proposal is currently working its way through the Fair Business Practices committee suggesting that DePaul should consider adopting an SRI policy.

Georgetown University

Georgetown Divest! is pressuring the school to divest from companies that benefit from the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Learn more here.

Green Mountain College

Students began pushing for a committee in spring 2009 and won! The new committee is currently working to invest about 18% of the endowment in an SRI fund. More details to follow.

Howard University

Students continue to push university officials to engage in a conversation about responsible investment.

Macalester College

Students recently passed a referendum defining what socially responsible investing means on the Macalester campus. Administrators are open to using this definition to guide investment decisions and students are considering formatting an endowment advisory committee that would be responsible for active outreach to the community and working with the investment office to locate socially responsible investing opportunities.

Middlebury College

The Middlebury Committee and students in the campus environmental movement eagerly await the establishment of a Green Fund to invest in sustainability projects. The school has committed to the fund the timeline has been altered somewhat. Students hope to remain involved in shaping the fund and are actively petitioning their administrators to make that happen.

Seattle University

The school continues to deepen its commitment to community investment. Learn more at The school is also taking action against Massey Energy.

SUNY Stony Brook

Students recently held a strategy presentation with REC staff to help determine next steps in their efforts to bring accountability to the endowment.

University of Michigan

The student senate recently passed resolution to establish a responsible investment policy and committee!

University of Texas-Austin

The Graduate Student Assembly has passed a resolution calling for the socially responsible investment of their endowment, the largest public school endowment in the country. More on the folks behind it at

University of California

Students in the UC Responsible Investment Committee continue to await the next Regents meeting. It has been delayed for several months. In the meantime they are planning a system-wide strategy meeting before summer to develop a plan for the coming year.

Vassar College

The Campus Investment Responsibility Committee recently welcomed new members, finished voting their proxies, invited REC to come speak and looks forward to educating the campus community about their work in the fall.

Washington University-St. Louis

Washington University Students for Endowment Transparency ran a successful campaign this year to convince the school to adopt an SRI policy. This culminated with a student government resolution and a promise from the school to review policies at other schools, with the help of a student intern this summer.

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