Campus updates: REC National Conference 2010 edition

Bard College students continue to seek to raise awareness They also hope to move from focusing from solely environmental problems into human rights and other political issues through filing shareholder resolutions.

At Brown University, students are pushing to dialogue with the administration about transparency and responsible investment through a coalition of groups including Open the Books and SDS.

Fordham University's business relationships and decision-making structures are issues that students are focusing on this year through the advancement of a community investment proposal.

This year at Guilford College, a new REC member, is its "year of sustainability" and students are aiming to work with the administration on making sure its investment policies are aligned with the school's message.

Macalester College students are seeking a lasting partnership with community banks such as University Bank, and an expansion of community-related investment projects.

Students are hoping to institutionalize and further define responsible investment at Mount Holyoke College beyond its existing initiatives; ideas include pushing for more transparency, putting more faculty and students on the board, and a campus education initiative.

This is the inaugural year for the New School's Advisory Committee on Investment Responsibility (ACIR), and the committee hopes to engage broader student body engagement. One of their primary goals is exploring engagement with mutual fund managers.

A new REC member school, students at Oregon's Portland State are exploring tying their campus's values of sustainability and locality to community investment or other responsible investment initiatives.

Princeton University students continue the fight to end their school's investment in unfair labor practices, while also exploring local area Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) and movement towards community investment.

Seattle University students seek to create a sustainable movement and voice for responsible investment issues on campus through the strengthening of their responsible investment committee, student representation on the Board of Trustees, and networking with other Jesuit Schools on RI issues.

Students this year are seeking to expand the mandate of Swarthmore College's committee on investor responsibility, while seeking the implementation of policies against mountaintop removal coal mining and hydrofracking at the highest levels of the administration.

Students are pushing for increased awareness and an open dialogue on responsible investment issues on campus at the University of Southern California, while also closely following the proposed expansion of their campus into Los Angeles.

At Washington University in St. Louis, students seek democratic control of the endowment through an institutionalized committee on investor responsibility and the creation of responsible investment policies.

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