Campus Updates, Spring 2012

Victories for transparency have taken place at Colby College in Maine and at the University of North Florida! At Colby, pressure from the Occupy Colby student movement has opened up Colby’s direct holdings to the community, while at UNF, their Values Integration Task Force has recommended the implementation of endowment transparency measures as a way of aligning the school’s values with its activities. Bravo to both institutions on their leadership!

The campaign for divestment from coal and other fossil fuels continues. Our friends at the Sierra Student Coalition at UNC--Chapel Hill, continue their campaign: The Daily Tar Heel stopped short of outright endorsement, but rallied behind the students calling for more of a say in creating responsible investment at their school. Campaigns at Earlham, the University of Illinois -- Urbana Champaign, and a growing number of campuses across the country are moving forward, too, in this exciting new chapter of real sustainability and environmental justice in higher ed. At Swarthmore College, Swarthmore Mountain Justice’s fossil fuel divestment campaign continues to get great press:

At Harvard University, students have been working on a responsible investment campaign that has been gaining national attention! Check out some of their awesome press coverage here:

Coalition for a Conflict-Free Duke has been petitioning for proxy-voting rights for shareholder resolutions in order to provide a space for the university to stop the use of conflict minerals within companies that Duke invests in.

At the end of April, Loyola University of Chicago Shareholder Advocacy Committee hosted a webinar discussing their Shareholder Engagement Process with REC. Bravo to LUC for their leadership in showing us that schools can stand up and fight for their values!

Students from the Socially Responsible Investment Club at Middlebury College gave a presentation accompanied by a petition with over 1,000 student signatures in support of socially responsible investments and transparency within the endowment to the President of the College. If approved, they will present to the Board of Trustees!

The Princeton Coalition for Endowment Responsibility is currently asking its peers to vote for the USG referendum, recommending Princeton’s $17.1 billion endowment be invested in a socially responsible manner.

The University of Chicago’s Chicago Maroon, meanwhile, has formally endorsed the creation of a socially responsible investing committee just last week, one of the biggest steps forward in an ongoing campaign for responsible investment which will soon be entering its fourth year. UChicago is unique in the nation for being the birthplace of modern orthodox free-market economics.

Warren Wilson College students are finishing up a courageous semester of working on getting their school, an environmental leader, to break up with Bank of America, a.k.a. the ‘Bank of Coal’. Check out their Facebook page here and share with Warren Wilson alums.

There’s always much more going on than what we’re able to keep track of in Campus Updates. But if you know of something you’d like to share, get in touch with us -- we’d be more than happy to share with the world!

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