Campus Updates, Winter 2011-12

REC’s Move Our Money campaign is starting up again on campuses around the nation including Loyola Chicago, Warren Wilson College, Guilford College, and Wash U, while work around coal is continuing at UNC Chapel Hill, Earlham, and University of Illinois -- Urbana Champaign.

At Fairfield University the Proactive Investment Club is awaiting approval to become an official student group. Meanwhile, representatives of the club are meeting with the editor of the school newspaper as well as the student senate to coordinate a massive awareness campaign and produce a student government resolution in favor of responsible investment efforts by several important metrics including community investment, increased transparency, and the establishment of a committee on investment responsibility which could be presented to the Board of Trustees at their March meeting.

Harvard University students are organizing a broad responsible investment campaign and want to get alumni involved! Visit to learn more and get involved.

At the University of Pittsburgh, students are still awaiting a response on their community investment proposal delivered in Novemeber. As relations are tensing between students and the administration, Pitt students are seeking the support of the community they are trying to improve. Currently, students are undertaking the tasks of getting their proposal endorsed by the student government board, community task forces, district councilman and the mayor of Pittsburgh to truly represent the shared desire for community investment.

Middlebury College’s student investment club is participating with a group of investors in a conversation with Exxon Mobil about tar sands.

Happy New Year from San Francisco! At the University of San Francisco, students have come together to organize around the Jesuit Values of the 21st Century. Together these students are working on a number of issues, but at the forefront is the campaign to move cash assets into a community credit union. The University Ministry has offered the students a monthly editorial section in their regular newspaper that will reach out to the Jesuit and administrative community for support of these endeavors. Equally exciting is the future meeting with USF's CFO who has yet to schedule a meeting with the students. This semester the students at USF are planning on engaging with more community organizations, alumni, administrators and the current student body to further the support of the community investment campaign.

At Swarthmore College, student group Mountain Justice is escalating its campaign for divestment from the fossil fuel industry. Members of the group met with administrators at the end of fall semester, and were informed that the Board of Managers does not intend to divest in the near future, or ever. Undaunted, students are doubling down on their organizing efforts. Swarthmore's investments are killing people and destroying our future, and Mountain Justice plans to take this message to an overwhelming number of students, faculty and alumni.

Responsible investment campaigns are moving forward at UC Berkeley, University of Washington, the University of Chicago, Univeristy of Arizona, and many more schools.

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