Enough is Enough! Wall Street Rally 4/29

Politicians in Washington have been talking about financial reform for months, but the scandals and bonuses just seem to keep coming. When will it be enough?

Most Americans have already had enough, and this Thursday we need you to join us at a rally on Wall Street to tell Congress enough is enough!

REC is joining with allies from across the social justice movement because financial reform is an essential step towards creating a more just and sustainable economic system. Our schools both participated in and were hurt by the recent financial collapse, and we need strong regulation to protect students, workers, and communities from corporate greed.

Come and join us! The rally begins at 4pm at City Hall Park (Link to map: http://bit.ly/dp0wPs)  and culminates in a March on Wall Street at 5pm.

Wall street greed has directly affected the quality of our education as schools have cut scholarships, programs, workers, and faculty. Join with other progressives to let Congress know financial reform is absolutely essential to getting our economy on track—and that we won’t rest until they do it!

Hope to see you there! Email us at [email protected] if you want to join the REC affinity group.

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