Harvard Students Advocate Support of Mass. Higher Ed Transparency Act

On Tuesday, The Harvard Crimson published an article titled "Putting the Green in Green" which nicely encapsulates Harvard's "green" image and that to be truly sustainable, Harvard should disclose it's investments, make more responsible investment choices, and support the Higher Education Transparency Act, introduced by Rep. Michael Moran in the Massachusetts State Legislature. Author Sandra Korn writes:

With such a large endowment, Harvard has the potential to put enormous pressure on unsustainable corporations to improve their environmental practices and support companies committed to sustainability. But due to the Harvard Management Corporation’s lack of transparency, donors to the University and students like me have absolutely no idea if Harvard is investing in environmentally friendly companies.

And further explains why Harvard University should support the bill:

Fortunately, the Higher Education Transparency Act , a bill introduced recently to the Massachusetts State Legislature, would require that Harvard and other private universities in the state make information about their investments available to the public. This increased transparency will allow more critical discussion about the ethics of Harvard’s investments and hopefully lead to a more socially just endowment. Students, faculty, and administrators alike should support and encourage increased transparency not only as a means to financial accountability, but as the only way for Harvard to become a true green University.

Check the rest of the article out here.

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