Hello REC!


Hi everyone - my name's Martin Bourqui (that's BOHR-key - it's French-Swiss) and I am both honored and excited to be joining REC as their new national organizer!

A little about me: I was a political science and English major at Tufts University, where I participated in a campaign pushing to bring transparency and responsible investment to the Tufts endowment. We focused on trying to strengthen and support our Advisory Committee on Shareholder Responsibility, a committee that wouldn't have been possible without the tireless work of an earlier generation of Tufts students and support from REC. It was an experience that taught me many valuable lessons, allowed me to connect with a number of amazing activists at Tufts, and put the world of REC's work on my radar. Since my time at Tufts I've been in close touch with REC as a supporter and as a member of the Steering Committee before being hired to follow this passion full-time.

I am very optimistic about REC and look forward to meeting and working with a new generation of student activists, and allies across the country. In the past year I've come to know more and more students nationwide working on REC-supported campaigns and have become aware of an entire new world of perspectives, issues, strategies that they bring to the table. To all of you working on your campaigns - for democratization, transparency, community investment, social justice, environmental responsibility, or any other issue you advocate - I can only say that I will use all of the resources at my disposal to support you.

Talk to you all soon,


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