Hey Seniors! Join the REC 2010 Class Gift!

Dear Senior,

Like you, I’m a Senior busy balancing my activism with work, school, and planning for the rest of my life. Graduation is a time to celebrate, but it’s also a time to reflect: What will our legacy be at our schools? Who has been there to help us succeed? What can we do to
thank them?

As a student at American University, my activism has been an important
part of my college experience and I want to thank the people who have
supported me in that work. That's why I've decided to participate in
the 2010 REC Senior Class Gift.

Unlike my university, which is asking graduating seniors to donate for
some benches outside of a new campus building, I know the $10 or $25
that I give to REC will be used to directly benefit student activists
like me. In keeping with their democratic processes, they’re even
asking us to vote on how the money is spent! This is much more in line
with the kind of legacy that I want to leave on campus, and all for
about the same cost as a pizza.

REC has done incredible things for me during my years at American. Not
only did they teach me about running campus campaigns and the
strategy, messaging, movement building and media work that goes into
it, but they also taught me, an anthropologist, everything I needed to
know about finance and investments to make my campaigns successful. I
have high hopes for American Universities current Community Investment
campaign, and REC has been there to support me every step of the way.
The 2010 Senior Class Gift is my way of expressing my gratitude and my
desire to give back to the organization.

So, fellow graduating seniors, I’m asking you to join me. If you’ve
ever attended one of REC’s conferences or trainings, asked REC a staff
member to edit your proposals or give you advice for your campaign, or
used their website, handbooks and case studies, then you know what
valuable skills and resources they’re providing to student activists. 
Help me to help REC continue doing the awesome work they do. Click here to donate and vote today!


Mary Schellentrager

American University Class of 2010

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