Institutional Investor Action on Climate:

A Project for Fiduciaries

The Responsible Endowments Coalition is working with the SEIU Capital Stewardship Program and the Croatan Institute to develop materials designed to guide small and mid-sized institutional investors ($300 million - $3 billion in assets) in responding to the growing risk of climate change—enabling investors to informed decisions about options ranging from divestment to shareholder engagement to positive investment in climate solutions.

We invite fiduciaries and trustees to join a half-day meeting, called a charrette, to discuss what kinds of information institutional investors look for when considering changes to their investment policies and portfolios.

Charrettes will take place in New York City on November 17, 2014, and Oakland, California on November 19, 2014. Both charrettes are free, and run from 10AM – 3PM. Coffee and lunch will be served.


Please contact Sandra Korn (919-794-7440 x107 or [email protected]) to request an invitation. All investors are also invited to participate in the Survey on Climate Action by Institutional Investors that accompanies the project. 


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