Make Green Jobs, Not War!

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From another great group, 10 Years and Counting

A decade of war. A decade of stalling on green jobs, alternative energy, and climate legislation. This September 11th let's tell Congress 10 years is enough!

10 Years and Counting ( invites you to take action this fall between September 11th and October 7th, the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan. For many students the war has been going on for half of our lifetimes. We've spent over a trillion dollars--money that could, can, and should be invested in our future: in clean energy, green jobs, education, infrastructure, and community restoration. These loathsome anniversaries will be all over the news this fall, and you better believe that war hawks' voices will be heard loud and clear. Will ours?

Looking for ideas? Get creative. Rather than just hold a rally, do something that will invite broad participation by people who are likely to agree with you that the costs of war are too high. Host a peace day with free yoga, donated food, local musicians, and arts and crafts for kids. Organize a flash mob to an anti-war song. Fly 10 kites, one for each year, and invite community members to write out their hopes for peace to create colorful tails for the kites. Collect postcards demanding cuts to the Pentagon budget at all of your events, or organize a phone bank where students can call their representatives in a virtual march for peace. Organize a poetry reading, a hula hoop performance, a bake off, movie screening, mural painting, talent show, or other activity that will gain attention and pique interest. It's ok to be angry, but keep in mind most Americans are busy ignoring the war to focus on the problems at home. Speak to their concerns, but use art to lift up their voices in a positive way. If you want, tie it into the actions you're already planning for's day of action. Just don't forget to focus on the war budget.

Want more ideas? Visit our website where you can also place your event on the national map, get help from organizers and artists, and promote your event through social media and the 10YAC blog. Feel free to email [email protected] for more information or support. Together we can demonstrate there is grassroots support for ending the wars!

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