May 2011 Campus Updates: Fordham Community Investment A Go, and more

Other Campus Updates:

American University students are engaging in a dialog with REC about endowment transparency and what their school’s potential role may be in the funding of weapons manufacturers.

At Boston University, the administration has agreed to continue dialog surrounding the potential of a committee on investor responsibility pending the approval of the faculty council. Campaign organizers will be organizing around that vote through the summer and into the fall.

Washington University in St. Louis’s new Investor Responsibility Advisory Committee continues to come into focus, as undergraduates, grad students, and faculty are being staffed to serve on the committee for its first year.

REC visited Wesleyan University this past month, and had a great time engaging in a dialog with students about how their institution could be more transparent, responsible, and accountable to its community. Wesleyan’s campaign will be continuing in the 2011-2012 school year.

Active campaigns at a number of other schools such as Earlham College, Tufts University, Brown University, and Evergreen State College are taking a pause as the school year comes to a close, but with the hopes for more successes and gains in the upcoming school year. REC congratulates and thanks students at these schools and all over the country for their hard work and wishes them the best of luck over the summer and into the upcoming school year!

Correction. This blog post originally read that the University of California, Santa Barbara established a Committee on Investor Responsibility. This is not the case. REC sincerely apologize for any confusion.

Fordham photo by Flickr user mgrenner57.

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