Nine Reasons Why REC Student Organizer Is The Best Job On Campus

REC is currently hiring paid student organizers for the 2011-2012 school year. Wondering why you should apply? We've compiled the nine best reasons - read on, and apply now, because the deadline is coming up soon!

1. Set your own hours, and work (mostly) from home

Only got free time Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings? You can still make the most of it, even right from your dorm room! If you're living and working on or near your campus anywhere in the United States, you're eligible to apply. Some campus organizing does require getting out into the world, but you can do a lot of this work on your own terms, which is an advantage many other jobs can't offer.

2. Check-ins weekly, or whenever you need support

Student organizers have half-hour paid weekly check-ins with REC staff. Students and staff collaborate on resources, exchange ideas, brainstorm, share concerns or struggles, or just tell a good story about what happened this week. REC staff are available 24/7 by phone, email, or even an in-person meeting.

3. Work for tangible, permanent, institutional change to benefit the community, society, and the environment

There's nothing wrong with serving coffee or monitoring the photo lab. However, paid opportunities to make the world a better place while still on-campus are few and far between. Students often are forced to choose between what is lucrative and what is good for the world - we're fortunate enough to have the opportunity to provide both. REC Student Organizers in the past have done amazing things, such as:

  • Setting up a Committee on Investor Responsibility at Washington University in St. Louis, one of the first committees of its type in the Midwest.

  • Proposing a Sustainability Fund and using an unprecedented reporting strategy to create transparency and engage the university's fund managers.

  • Assisting in the coordination of a multi-campus campaign to engage J.P. Morgan Chase due to their financing of mountaintop removal coal mining.

  • Campaigning to move half a million dollars from Wall Street banks to community development financial institutions in the Bronx.

4. Give your resume a competitive edge with a variety of new skills

Employers are looking for talented students with experiences like working independently, speaking on behalf of an organization, fundraising, negotiation, and being a real self-starter who can take initiative on new projects.

5. Learn all about investment finance, higher education, and social justice

The work for responsible investment that goes on at universities sits at the intersection of several different universes. Are you interested in the politics of campus organizing and the democratization of higher education? Have you always wanted to learn more about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and all that other stuff? Want to know what the responsible investment industry is all about? You'll learn all of this and more.

6. Design your own campaign

Are you an advocate for sustainability? Care about labor rights? Want to create new opportunities for the local community? Whatever your 'cause' may be - and even if you don't have one - your job is to create your campaign from the ground up, and REC is here to support you, not call the shots.

7. Be a leader in the national responsible investment movement in higher ed

REC Student Organizers have been among the first student activists to bring unprecedented responsible investment opportunities to higher education, from groundbreaking community investment initiatives to engaging school's fund managers to setting up committees on investor responsibility. Some of our student organizers literally write the "how-to" manual for brand new forms of activism!

8. Get trained at our awesome Summer Organizing Institute

The SOI has been called "truly inspiring" by student oragnizers in the past, and this year will be better than ever. From August 7-13, REC will be hosting a one-week intensive training in Lee, Massachusetts - that's in beautiful Western Mass., in the Berkshire Mountains. We'll be giving you and other students everything you need to know to bring instiuttional change to your school, from media engagement skills to tips on negotiation to recruitment tactics, plus all the financial information you will (and won't) need to hold your own in a boardroom. You can meet some amazing new friends from across the country, to boot.

9. No previous knowledge or experience required

We're not necessarily looking for econ majors, experienced campus organizers, or finance experts - although none of these would hurt. We're looking for smart, hardworking, dedicated, idealistic young leaders who are willing to take on unique and powerful work for social justice and institutional change. If this sounds like a great opportunity, then your enthusiasm will be your biggest advantage.

We hope YOU will consider applying to be one of our student organizers for the 2011-2012 school year. If you have any questions, I hope you'll email us at [email protected] - we look forward to hearing from you. Learn more and apply today.

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