Not So Green After All: Students at UNC Take on Endowment Practices

Students at UNC who won big last year, taking on the schools coal-fired power plant and encouraging a campus climate action plan are now taking on the endowment. Not So Green After All talks about the initial attempts of students to encourage the administration to examine how the endowment is supporting the coal fired power plants they turned their back on just last year.

The past decade has watched the University put together quite the environmental resume. And, with Chancellor Holden Thorp’s commitment last year to end the University’s use of coal by 2020, there’s plenty of reason to think that resume will only grow greener with time.

But the group that pushed for Thorp’s commitment, the Sierra Club’s Coal-Free Campus campaign, wants more. It wants the UNC Management Company, the body that invests the University’s nearly $2 billion endowment, to make its holdings transparent.

They say that’s the only way UNC can be sure it isn’t investing in companies that haven’t made the same coal-free commitment. And they’re right.

Let's go UNC. Let's see how you're commitment to the environment holds up when your managing your endowment.

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