Op-Ed: Does Middlebury College really care about the planet and its people?

By Matt Birnbaum, Middlebury College

It’s quite easy nowadays to vilify Big Business and conglomerated corporate interests. In fact, in a way, it’s become even fashionable — certainly not much of a surprise after watching the financial giants pull enormous profits out of thin air, cause a near collapse of our economy and then steal (under the guise of a federal bailout) our taxpayer money. Can you even feign shock that they are now actively (and productively) lobbying to ensure regulatory reform never sees a congressional agenda?

And it’s not just Michael Moore running around with an empty sack, pestering the old white boys at Goldman Sachs either. On the other side of the spectrum, Republicans are winning elections on the premise that they are “small government,” riding the tide of Wall Street v. Main Street sentiment falsely peddled out to a frustrated electorate, tossed around as pawns in a game of consolidating private wealth. As if any politician was for small government (do I hear private military contracting, anyone?).
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