Prison Divest Retreat

The Prison Divest Retreat is an annual program hosted by REC and its community partners from the National #PrisonDivest Coalition.

It will bring together youth from across the country who recognize that, in order to address the criminalization of communities of color and the systemic harassment of immigrants, we must confront the private interests supporting racist, anti-immigrant and pro-incarceration policies. The retreat will be a space to gain the organizing tools needed to grow successful prison divestment campaigns on our campuses and in our communities. We will learn about legal and financial systems; build relationships with fellow youth as well as movement elders; develop national divestment strategy; and build the national youth-led movement against for-profit prisons that strives for prison abolition and a just immigration system.

We encourage representatives from communities and campuses to come to the retreat in small groups, so please invite a friend! Once you register, we will contact you to determine travel and cost logistics. For more information, contact [email protected]

The link to the application will be posted during the application period.

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