REC featured in the New School Blog

The New School's blog recently featured REC, the school's new ACIR (Adivsory Committee on Investment Responsibility), and the yearly committees workshop that the two organizations co-hosted last month. Check it out!
If this has the familiar ring of The New School, it is an idea that is now gathering speed at colleges and universities across the country. On Friday, February 25, the ACIR joined the Responsible Endowments Coalition to co-host a national meeting of students, faculty, and trustees from across the United States to examine how universities can consider and improve the environmental and social effects of the more than $350 billion in collective endowment dollars they have to invest.  Terra Lawson-Remer, assistant professor of International Affairs and ACIR chair, welcomed representatives from as far away as Stanford University and Colorado College, and as close as Columbia and Wesleyan.  Nationwide, more than 40 universities have joined The New School in forming similar committees.

“The New School is renown for its fervent commitment to social and environmental change,” Frank Barletta, senior vice president for Finance and Administration. “The ACIR provides a means to harness that commitment by channeling input from across the university to guide investment decisions."

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