Reinvestment Examples

We are asking that colleges reinvest five percent of their endowments into these clean economy solutions, which include:

  • Renewable energy and clean technology including energy efficiency retrofits
  • Sustainable infrastructure like wind farms and public transportation
  • Community development financial institutions like loan funds, credit unions, and community banks
  • Sustainable forestry, clean water and other investments to mitigate the impacts of climate change

More specifically, REC asks that colleges reinvest one percent of the endowment in community investment.  We emphasize indirect investment, in which a trusted third party allocates the investment within the college's local community or to projects that keep money local.  Appropriate community investment vehicles include:

Type Examples
Credit Unions

Self-Help Credit Union

Latino Credit Union

Lower East Side People's Credit Union

Community Development Banks With CDARS a school can invest up to $50 million in community development banks
Cooperative and Green Revolving Loan Funds

Working World

Cooperative Fund of New England

Local Enterprise Assistance Fund

Northern California Community Loan Fund

Chicago Community Loan Fund

Municipal Bonds  













REC asks that four percent of the endowment be reinvested in traditional endowment asset classes.  Appropriate investments in traditional endowment asset classes include:

Type Examples
Venture Capital & Private Equity

DBL Investors

SJF Ventures

Public Equity (Stocks)

Impax Asset Management

Portfolio 21

Trillium Asset Management

Sustainability Group

Boston Common Asset Management

3Sisters' Scarab Funds

Real Estate

Lyme Timber

Ecotrust Forest Management








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