Responsible Endowments Coalition Support for March 1st Nationwide Mobilization to Defend Education

From the campus of the University of Pittsburgh to the University of California -- Davis, students across the country are mobilizing today, March 1, 2012, for a Nationwide series of coordinated actions and mobilizations against budget cuts, rising tuition, austerity, and the corporatization of universities.

The mobilization, originally scheduled for March 1 but now also including actions on March 5, has been coordinated and organized by Occupy Education. "We refuse to pay for the crisis created by the 1%," Occupy Education's website reads as the rallying cry for the mobilization. While there have been a number of disparate agendas on different campuses, almost all are united against the multiple crises facing higher education in the United States that have led to ballooning student debt parallel with budget cuts for education across the nation.

The Responsible Endowments Coalition and students in REC's network support the demands of the March 1st Day to Defend Education. Wall Street was behind the financial crisis that has been one of the major causes of this austerity. Wall Street continues to spend money to prevent regulation and taxation all while refusing to pay their fair share of taxes.

At campuses like the University of Pittsburgh, Washington University in St. Louis and Warren Wilson College (NC) students are demanding that their schools and student governments break up with their big banks and work to end schools' investments in major Wall Street. We believe in building more just, equitable, transparent, and democratic higher education institutions and that higher education must be fully funded and affordable for all.

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