Six Reasons Why You Should Apply To REC's NYC Internships

1. Our office is the best in Brooklyn.
Our office is located in the weird and wonderful 33 Flatbush in Downtown Brooklyn, which you can read about here and here. It's conveniently located on top of all of the major train lines, and full of artists, architects, writers, nonprofits, socially responsible small businesses, tea-makers (yes, that means we get a lot of free tea!), and many more.

2. We're not so different from you.
Hate wearing pantyhose? Can't relate to your own co-workers? REC's staff are former student activists in their twenties. We're professional, but casual -- as long as it doesn't interfere with your work, we're all about a first name basis, wear what suits you, do-your-thing mentality. We want to work WITH you, not just have you work FOR us, and we value your input in our work.

3. We'll help you make it work.
For our  unpaid internships, we'd be happy to write a letter or make a phonecall so you can secure academic credit or funding for your work with us. If you're working during the semester, we're happy to conform to your academic schedule as long as you can give at least 12 hours a week (excluding finals and/or unusual circumstances of course.) Whenever possible, we try to help subsidize your work with MetroCards or other support where applicable. Some positions may be stipended.

4. Give your resume a competitive edge.

Employers are looking for talented students with experiences like working independently, speaking on behalf of an organization, managing social media, and handling projects independently. Want opportunities to develop your writing skills? Help with fundraising? Graphic design? Database management? Let's make it happen.

5. Learn all about investment finance, higher education, and social justice.
The work for responsible investment that goes on at universities sits at the intersection of several different universes. Are you interested in the politics of campus organizing and the democratization of higher education? Have you always wanted to learn more about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and all that other stuff? Want to know what the responsible investment industry is all about? You’ll learn all of this and more.

6. No previous knowledge or experience required.
We’re not necessarily looking for econ majors, experienced campus organizers, or finance experts. We’re looking for smart, hardworking, dedicated, idealistic young leaders who are willing to take on unique and powerful work for social justice and institutional change. If this sounds like a great opportunity, then your enthusiasm will be your biggest competitive advantage in the application process.

Please check openings on our jobs & volunteering page. If you have any questions, we hope you’ll email us at [email protected] – we look forward to hearing from you. Learn more and apply today!

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