SOR 2016 Application

Applications Are Open For RECs 2016 Summer Organizing Retreat!

Join REC  for our Summer Organizing Retreat! This is a place for students to come together to gain skills and knowledge about organizing an endowment campaign, confronting corporate power, and developing strategies for winning.



REC will be hosting a weeklong Summer Organizing Retreat, for students to come together and discuss endowment campaigning, corporate power, deepen their campaigning skills. This program builds a strong foundation in endowment organizing, confronting neoliberalism in higher education, and non-extractive finance. Over the course of a week, participant will get a deep dive into everything from setting demands, facilitation, direct action planning, political education and coalition building.

We invite you to join us for a week-long training retreat!


We will be discussing a number of subjects relevant to today’s student leaders, including 


  • How to understand your endowment
  • Confronting corporate power: corporations and universities
  • Reinvestment and Non-extractive finance: responsible investment strategies that can develop alternative economies
  • How to be an effective student leader: recruiting, engaging, and organizing your campus
  • Analyzing how responsible investment has impacted workers’ rights; environmental justice issues; corporate contributions and our political system; the impacts of the prison industrial complex; LGBTQ nondiscrimination; poverty in our local communities; and much more.

The goal of this training is to provide students with  knowledge and skills necessary to create change at their university from the ground up. Our summer program is perfect for someone new to the responsible investment movement in higher education, or for someone looking to dig deeper into developing a strong campaign plan for next year. There is no previous experience or knowledge required. We encourage people to apply as pairs or groups from each university.



Rolling until spaces are filled but make sure to apply by Friday, May, 27! We are currently accepting applications. The sooner the better.


We ask participants to contribute what they are able to afford.

The suggested SLIDING SCALE contribution -- which covers food, housing, and staff time for the entire week -- varies depending on the number of attendees from your school:

• If you are the only attendee from your school: $300/person

• If you are one of 2 attendees from your school: $210/person

• If you are one of 3 attendees from your school: $160/person

We recognize that not everyone is in a position to pay this much or raise this much money.  Between REC's funding and your own fundraising we are committed to making sure that all who wish to attend will be able to.


The retreat will take place in Lanoka Harbor, NJ about 2 hours from NYC or Philadelphia. We will arrive the afternoon of July 18th and depart around 1pm July 22nd

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