T-Shirt Design Contest



Responsible Endowments Coalition is steadily growing, which is really great news!  And it’s thanks to all the hard work that students around the country are doing to organize on their campuses.  With all this growing popularity, we need to maintain visibility and allow students to highlight the work that they’re doing in a recognizable way.  That’s why REC is launching a new campaign: A T-Shirt design contest!  Here’s the deal…+ Designs should clearly feature the REC logo+ Themes can include (but are not limited to)

  • Transparency

  • Student Power

  • Responsible/ Ethical Investing

+ Bonus points for a bright color shirt base and unique designs

If your design is selected, you will receive up to five of the newly printed t-shirts for your organization on your campus, and be featured on our website!

Submit your design in JPEG format by 8:00pm EST on October 15th, 2012.  If your design is selected you will be asked to submit a high resolution image file.

Send designs to:  [email protected]

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