UnConference 2016


UPDATE 10/04/16: Registration is still open! Due to the high volume of applicants, however, we will not be able to provide travel stipends.

The Unconference will take place October 21st - 23rd in New York City, New York
The Unconference 2016 is a convergence of students dedicated to the work and solidarity needed to move closer to ending fossil fuels and prisons. This convergence will bring together the Fossil Fuel Divestment and Prison Divestment movements to build a foundation for shared tactics and analysis that will unify and strengthen the work between us. We aim to undo the superficial and unhelpful aspects of many conferences by making this convergence a non-hierarchal space geared towards solidarity and action.

We aim to:
- Develop an understanding of each movements historical and political context and where they overlap
- Build an understanding of the specific systemic roots beneath the injustices that our movements are fighting (white supremacy, capitalism, imperialism and patriarchy)
- Develop a vision for what it would look like for our movements to be working in solidarity
- Create a sense of direction to work towards that vision
- Share successes and failures from participant campaigns and exchange tools and tactics
- Identify points of division and unity between campaigns


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